This week brought me back to high school because I used to use my creativity to design pictures frequently. I also had a deeper understanding about the background and what I was doing with design. There was some inspirational assignment banks that I loved to create like the promotional campaign for a charity group. I took my time with that assignment and stuck it to the front of my website. So if anyone so happens to step upon my website they can possibly make a difference and donate. The design blitz really made me take a look into photography a little deeper which was interesting. I’m starting to understand the benefits of this class and I’m learning I have skills I did not know about. I’m also challenging myself a little more as the weeks go by as I did a 5 star assignment bank for the first time. I’m excited for next week and what other skills I can enhance individually.

My 4 Daily Creates this week:

Design Thoughts, Read and reflect:

Design Blitz:

My 12 star Assignment Banks: