This week was actually my favorite week so far as I really enjoyed doing the Audio Assignments. Audacity is a really easy to use software and I would recommend it to anyone that can’t afford expensive software’s like logic pro or don’t have a mac computer with garage band already installed. I also never heard of and didn’t know it was so easy to get free sample beats like that. Listening to the radio and tweeting a long with some of the class including the teacher was satisfying. The daily create youth literature gave me a nostalgic feeling as it was nice to reminisce on the old books I used to read. The moon graffiti really made me think about the first man on the moon scenario. Great week and already ready for the next one!

How do sounds tell a story? Sounds tell a story through your imagination. Depending on how satisfying or how terrible you think that sound is to you, you’re going to perceive it how it is. When convey a sense of time and place, it’s scenario based on the sound you listen too. That’s why music is so interesting when you think about it.

Daily creates:

For the rest of the assignments below I converted them into links because the embed was not working for some reason.

Moon Graffiti:

Radio Bumper:

DS106 Radio:

Radio Show Ideas:

12 star Audio Assignment Banks: – I finished 4 assignments in total: