I think I am finally getting used to this class by getting into the habit of blogging on a daily schedule. I find it slightly satisfying commenting on classmates post, tweeting the daily creates, using my imagination with the secret agent assignments. I’ve realized this class keeps me focused on my other classes as well by always being on my computer getting assignments finished.

So lets start with the Daily Creates I finished this week:

Next is the Assignment Bank assignments:

Written Assignment #1: http://kdzebdi106.karimzebdi.com/assignment-bank/week-3-assignment-bank-1/

Written Assignment #2: http://kdzebdi106.karimzebdi.com/assignment-bank/but-its-not-even-shark-week/

Written Assignment #3: http://kdzebdi106.karimzebdi.com/assignment-bank/assignment-bank-3-2/

Next up is my Story Analysis of Spy Kids:

Lastly is my Character Dossier, I wrote a Dossier cover page as you can see below in my written background and overview of my character: