Week 2 is over and it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I was a little overwhelmed when I was first read the criteria for the week 2 assignments but after finishing everything I realized it’s still the beginning of the class. I still have a lot to get used too and understand. It is satisfying blogging everyday and staying on top of things in this class. I really enjoyed the daily create, which brings out our creativity and imagination. The 3 assignment banks were testing my creativity and innovation. My favorite assignment bank was the Alternate Universe. I edited a picture of myself at a Penn State game, which you can see below:


These are the 4 daily create posts I have made for week 2 below:

MLK Daily Create:

Animal Technical Quote:

Zoom into nature:

Audio Quote:

So an quick overview of how I felt about this second week of this course was that I am learning new skills. For example, the designing skills like that Instagram edit I made. Also I am curious to see what the future daily create posts. I am excited to see what else DS106 has in store for us.