For me week 1 is always stressful as the teachers forecast all the projects, papers, weekly assignments, and material that will be covered throughout the semester. I am beyond nervous as I am preparing to balance out School, social life, interviews, and a certification test that I am taking on Feb. 5. I Have learned a lot so far in this course as I enjoy the consistent blogging. From creating new social accounts, making a domain website, and constantly keeping up with the assignments I can tell I am going to utilize the skills I learned after finishing this course. Before starting this course, the instructor really made me nervous as he said, “All of this work will require a significant commitment of time and effort. If you have a problem with any of this, you should seriously reconsider whether you really want to take this class”. After talking to a few people who took this class before, they said it wasn’t that bad once you get your schedule going and get in the habit of blogging.

These are my Social Accounts I have created and customized this week:


To show a quick view of what I did this past week, these are the social posts I have shared with the DS106 class. Each of the social account posts that I have embedded below are just my introductory posts to the DS106 class.

Twitter post:

Instagram post:

Youtube Post:

Soundcloud Post:

You can view my blog website below:

Also If you click that link above you can view my thoughts of how I feel about the class and a summary of who I am right at the front of the website. You can also view my thoughts and opinions about the Secret Agent theme we’re doing in DS106.

Overall, I am intrigued to see how this course plays out. To be honest it was frustrating and confusing at first but I finally started to get the hang of it. I already have learned how to customize and create a website, Make new social accounts, and create a blog. I am still a rookie and have a lot more to learn but I am exciting to see what I will end up learning at the end of the semester.

All the best,