I got excited with this analysis so I re-watched the first Spy Kids movie today. The story writer, director and producer Robert Rodriguez was a straight genius when creating this movie. From the last time watching it as a kid to watching it now as a senior in college, my attention was still heavily grabbed. It’s because the creativity, like the different kinds of gadgets and the super weird looking antagonists (bad guys looking like thumbs). I also liked it because the themes the writer created that normal day people can relate too. One examples of the themes was standing up to a bully and believing in yourself. My favorite theme was the emotional connection to the audience when they showed how family is important and means everything.

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This movie defines the secret agent theme as it first starts off as a family of 4 (mom & dad, young son and daughter). The kids do not know that there parents are legendary, iconic secret agents because the parents want to keep it a secret. The parents have been retired and out of the spy life for 9 years, all of a sudden a few of there spy acquaintances have gone missing. So they go off right out of retirement and try to complete the mission. They get caught by the antagonist, Floop, so now the kids are the only ones that could help there parents. As soon as the kids find out that there parents are secret spy’s, they skip school and have to keep themselves safe out of trouble. As the story continues the kids go through a bunch of obstacles. The kids get smarter and start to think more like a secret agent, just like there parents. At the end the family gets together as there is a moment of happiness that everyone is okay. The whole family starts to fight together and that really satisfied the audience as the antagonist looses and its the classic happy ending.