I was born and raised from the streets of Gotham. I am no mutant or super hero but I grew up around them. Both my parents mysteriously disappeared when I was 8 and wondered what happened to them ever since. I had foster parents that oddly knew how to fight and taught me everything they could to keep me safe in the streets of Gotham. One day I went to jail for nearly killing a man to death with just my right fist. According to the government my hands are now certified lethal weapons. I am not evil or have any intentions of being evil, I just want to help this community as much as I can in a positive way. I am now 21 years old in the Central Intelligence Organization, district 9. I have joined this organization ever since I was 18. I am on the special forces team as I increased my fighting and killing skills from the training that was provided in the organization. I am prepared to keep crime out of these corrupted streets and ready to take on anything that comes in my way.