Secret Agent DS106

When I think of a secret agent I don’t just think of James Bond, I mainly think of Tom Cruise. As a kid growing up, I had to of watched Mission Impossible 1,2, and 3 about 20 times each. I was a huge fan of the exaggerated stunts and special effects. Tom Cruise always looked cool as a cucumber and held our attention while doing ridiculous missions.

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I’m convinced that every kid loved the idea of playing the spy, I used to read 007 magazines, comic books and play video games in middle school. I believe the BEST spy or secret agent movies came out in the 90’s of early 2000’s. I mean who couldn’t remember Spy Kids trilogy, Secret Agent Cody Banks, The Pacifier with action packed Vin Diesal, and The Spy Next Door with the legendary Jackie Chan. These were childhood memories that we should never forget about as a 90’s baby.

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This theme gives me a nostalgic feeling as young Karim was obsessed with trying to mimic all kinds of secret agents I am excited to see how I utilize this secret agent theme for future assignments and what it entails for this class. I can tell this will be a theme everyone will end up enjoying as it might transform us college students back to a kid once again.

3.) Assignment bank, Design Assignment – Alternate Universe (Secret Agent Theme)

This is me at a Penn State Football Game. I think this assignment can be a nice conjunction to the secret agent theme as I am secretly trying to tell coach to put me in. It’s clear I am blatantly in the middle of the field so I am not exactly too sneaky. However, the key to being a secret agent is too find a way to find your target and keep your enemies close. Penn State was playing there rivals Ohio State so I had to pull up to the scene. I obviously still need to work on my editing skills but I enjoyed designing this picture.