After reading The Vignelli Canon I learned that there is are 3 aspects to design: Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic. It’s actually slightly similar to the steps of software development. As you start with planning then implementing. In the article, Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book, They discuss the importance of designing and how people become oblivious to it. People take for granted how beautiful and extremely hard to be a designer as you use a lot of creativity. They also give a lot of great examples of designs and the background detail to each one. This was a great way for me to understand more of the meaning of design.

To answer some of the questions that were asked in this week discussion is first, what makes a poster a good poster ? in my opinion, something that is eye-catching that draws peoples attention to stop and read it. The person viewing the design on the poster could be really intrigued in a certain detailed perspective like color, pictures, drawings, unusual shape, etc. The same can go for a book cover. What are some ways that distinguishes design from decoration? Designers use beautiful images as a form of communication to viewers. Decoration is just aesthetic, eye-candy for people to see. This builds and relates to the past weeks assignments as I am using enhancing my creativity and innovation to blog.