In this interview, I picked a random set of questions to give the interviewer a quick view of what I would do in certain situations and what my preference of certain things are. I enjoyed the questions a lot as it was easy for me to answer. I hope you enjoy the video, I gave a little transcription below:

1.) What orange exotic animal would you be? I would be the poison dart frog because they can defend themselves nicely in survival situations

2.) Whats your favorite prime number? 53 because that’s how many criminals I have caught in one day.

3.) How would you double $2000 – invest heavily into penny stocks, take the risk.

4.) If other people yawn, do you yawn too? I yawn when other people yawn, its very contagious

5.) Do you like Garden gnomes, yes or no? Garden gnomes are a creepy at times but a good aesthetic to have around the front lawn. Mine has a secret camera so I can see who is near my house for security reasons.

6.) If I was a spy who would you call trust first to call? I would call my best friend alex as he is the most loyal friend I know.

7.) If I was being chased by a gorilla and I had either a manhole or a 711, I would chose a 711 as there are hopes other people would help me or if not I would just run to the back door and hopefully lose the gorilla