1.) Writing Assignment – write about a dream you once had (Secret Agent Theme)

I once had a random dream I was a spy parachuting into the White House in Washington, DC. I obviously did not want to get caught so it was an intense dream. This was a few years ago by the way. The mission or goal that I remember was to capture the president and I also just really wanted to check out the inside of the White House and see the confidential stuff I am not allowed to see. I the use my invisible cloak just like the one in Harry Potter so no one can see me. Police and security officials are everywhere trying to look for the intruder (me) and I am just walking around curiously. I don’t remember much of what I was looking at so bare with me its a dream its hard to remember everything. I then find myself in the Presidents office and take my cloak off. I wanted to capture president Trump but before I even did I was captured randomly then immediately woke up. It’s really fascinating and mysterious where my mind goes when I think about it. Really random dream but as I was looking at what a secret agent dream meant online

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