1.) Writing Assignment – Another Day

For this assignment activity, I am asked to write about what I see outside and reminding people how beautiful the world is. This assignment is perfect for me since I enjoy going outside. Specifically, I love to hike and travel as much as I can. Lately, It has been difficult to hike because of the weather but what I can do is show you a picture of one of my favorite hiking sites near my hometown. The picture below is the inside of the Great Falls National Park. 


This National Park is truly fascinating because of its endless site seeing areas and how enormous the park is. The nature aesthetics in this picture doesn’t even come close to how beautiful it is in person. It was satisfying grasping the moment of time and really appreciating what was around me instead of just being on my phone at home. What’s great about hiking trails is that it can be mysterious as you never know what you could encounter. I took the picture above in the summer as it was sunny and cloudless outside. Every time I look at this picture I get a sense of nostalgia, as I have hiked this National Park ever since I was a kid with my friends and family.