For this 4 star assignment I will be explaining how the secret agent exclusive group came together.

It all started in Washington, DC in 2018 as there were 3 retired secret agents who live together in a house where people can’t track them. They loved to reminisce and try to relive there glory secret agent days. So what they decided to do one day is contact all the in field, current secret agents that they know. As they contacted them they asked them to meet at there house location to talk about forming a secret agent exclusive group to do good for the local community. The 3 retired agents are very experienced so they wanted to be the coaches or the team leaders. All the secret agents were on board with this idea and wanted to start immediately. It was low key so their current secret agent company could not know about it. As they started the first mission to help fight crime in the local community, the mission went very well so they did it every week. It lead to every day and the crime in Washington, DC fell by 30%, to the local community they were happy to know they lived in a peaceful community. This group is still growing and will be emerging to other states and crime will be predicted to be cut in half in this country.