For this 5 star assignment I chose to design a book cover about body image. Just like my last design assignment I created this book cover on Canva. If you were to read this book it would be about why people feel over exaggeratedly dissatisfied with how there body looks. From a psychological perspective, there are people that are afraid of being judged and really care about what people think of them. Some people crave the “social process” of body image and feel like they have to do it for other people instead of themselves. This can lead to eating disorders and unhealthy habits. People should love themselves more and not kill themselves over how they look. So the main theme about this book is instead of caring about other people’s judgement, having a deeper understanding about your body can create a better perception of your body.

Glad I did chose this assignment as it sends a great message to people that can relate. Feel free to download or just view this book cover below: